Membership Ninja offers a robust CRM solution that enables effective handling, monitoring and analysis of vital information related to your members.

What is a CRM?

A CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a module that enables businesses to manage and analyze interactions with current and potential customers. With our CRM, businesses can improve customer relations, drive growth and increase customer retention all from a single dashboard!

Improve Customer Experience

By providing a complete view of customer interactions with the business and personalizing communications, overall customer service experience can be improved.

Improve Collaboration

Provides a centralized platform to collaborate and share information with vendors to improve team efficiency and communication.

Improve Customer Loyalty

Through the use of tools, we help businesses develop and nurture lasting relationships with their customers, leading to repeat business.

Better Data Management

Provides a centralized database of customer interactions, which can improve client connections, promote long-term relationships, and aid in the analysis of customer behavior and trends.

Enhanced Sales & Marketing

Customers have the option to refer others to a business or product, and in return receive incentives or rewards.

Overall Dashboard

Access to real-time metrics and data insights on a single platform to ensure consistent up-to-date information.

User Management

Create a Unique Member profile based on information input by each customer and build a comprehensive analysis of their time with your business/organization and potential needs.

Order Manager

Efficiently handle customer orders and manage the order fulfillment process from A-Z with no worries of missing out on a customer!

Product Manager

Allows administrators to manage access and permissions for individual users across products or services with respective multi-layer memberships/subscriptions.

Marketplace Feature

Develop a platform that facilitates efficient and convenient connections between buyers and sellers, aiming to provide mutual value and benefit to both parties as well as to the marketplace as a whole.

Start Using

Revamp your membership management with our advanced software solution. By automating tedious processes, enhancing member retention and offering a deluxe experience, our software will help you stay on top of your organization's needs and keep your members happy.

Your All-In-One CRM for Membership and Loyalty Management

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