Membership Ninja for Koperasi

By Using Membership Ninja for Koperasi, cooperative organizations can streamline operations, improve member engagement, and increase efficiency, leading to growth and success for the organization.

Membership Ninja designed to help manage the operations of cooperative organizations. It automates administrative tasks, such as member registration, billing, and communication, and provides a centralized platform for members to access information, engage with the community, and participate in events.

How Membership Ninja Help your Koperasi?

  • Improve Operations
  • Better Record Keeping
  • Increase Revenue
  • Improve Member Experience

Working together for a better Koperasi

Memberships Beneficial

  • Define any number of member types and fee levels
  • Supports memberships that include multiple people
  • Online member signups, renewals and expirations
  • Show transaction and payment history

Event Management

  • Schedule simple presentations and multi-day conferences
  • Capacity limits
  • Different fees for members, non-members and guests
  • Track attendance

Streamline and automate your membership

Tailor them to reflect your onboarding process and the types of memberships you offer – such as organizational memberships or level-based.

Member Directory

A searchable directory of community members with contact information.


Businesses that use a membership ecommerce model offer their customers the option to sign up for a membership that provides access to unique benefits such as discounts, special promotions, and members-only content

Product Management

The ability to add, update, and manage products, including product descriptions, images, and pricing.

Checkout Easily

A secure checkout process that enables customers to enter payment information and complete a transaction.

Marketing automation

Set and forget email reminders for membership and dues payments and customize confirmation emails.

Sharing success through collaboration

Start your Club with Membership Ninja

From simple webinars to complex annual general conferences – Membership Ninja can help you manage your Club with ease.

Membership Management

Stay organised, professional and personal with memberships


We provides access to unique benefits such as discounts, special promotions, and members-only content


A module is a set of software tools designed to help businesses manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer life cycle.

Start Using

Revamp your membership management with our advanced software solution. By automating tedious processes, enhancing member retention and offering a deluxe experience, our software will help you stay on top of your organization's needs and keep your members happy.

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