Marketing Management

A marketing manager feature is a set of tools and capabilities within a marketing management system that helps businesses plan, execute, and measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

How Marketing Management Helps Your Business?

Marketing management helps businesses by streamlining and automating the process of receiving, processing, and fulfilling customer orders.

Campaign planning and management

Tools for creating, organizing, and executing marketing campaigns, including tools for setting campaign goals, defining target audiences, and creating content.

Better Customer Engagement

Providing high-quality, exclusive content can increase customer engagement and foster stronger relationships.

Customer segmentation

Tools for dividing customer data into meaningful segments, allowing businesses to create targeted marketing campaigns that are more relevant to specific customer groups.

Member Insight

By tracking and analyzing customer behavior and preferences, businesses can gather valuable insights that can inform future content offerings and business decisions.

Integration with other system

Integration with other business systems, such as customer relationship management (CRM) and e-commerce platforms, to provide a unified view of customer data and marketing performance.

Banner Management

Banner management is an important component of digital marketing, as it helps businesses reach their target audience effectively, measure the success of their campaigns, and optimize their marketing spend.


Promotions refer to a marketing strategy where businesses offer discounts, special deals, or other incentives to attract customers and increase sales.


Purchasing with purchase (PWP) is a marketing promotion where customers can receive a reduced price or additional item(s) when they purchase a specific product. This type of promotion is often used to increase sales and drive customer loyalty.


A bundle is a combination of products or services offered for sale as a single package deal. The purpose of bundling is often to offer convenience and cost savings to the customer, compared to purchasing the products or services separately.

Plan Manager

A plan manager is a tool used to manage and track multiple plans or projects, ensuring that they are executed efficiently and effectively.

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